Friday, December 12, 2008

Painting Jig Heads

Painting jig heads can be a drag, but this contraption makes it easier. Take two strips of 1x3" pine or other inexpensive lumber. Cut both sections to the same length. Next take some thin cork and glue it to one side of each board. The cork should be the size of each board, otherwise the jig clamp will not work properly. I used bulletin board cork (purchased in a big box hardware store) and cut to size. Now, sandwich the boards together and hold with clamps. Depending on the length of your sections, drill two or three holes, equally spaced, along the length of the wood through the sides of both pieces. Now you will need two bolts, two matching wing nuts and four washers that will fit the boards. If you made three holes in the wood you will need three sets of hardware. To finish, place the wood strips together with the cork sides facing each other and attach with washers, bolt and wing nut. Essentially you end up with a cork sandwich held together with hardware.

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