Monday, January 31, 2011

Rod McGarry On The Water

One of the original men from Maine.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

United Fly Tyers Welcomes Rod McGarry As Guest Speaker

3 Feb 2011, Middlessex CommunityCollege, Bedford, MA, 
"Whada Ya Know? 22 Tips, Hints and Shortcuts for Taking More Trout"

Rod McGarry works with folks who want to get going in fly fishing and coaches the experienced fly fisher who wants to get up to a higher level. A teaching pro since 1991, Rod is a FFF Board Certified Master Casting instructor, a registered Professional Maine Guide and works as Staff Instructor for Fly Fishing in the L L Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools Program. Rod is known as a teacher of teachers.

For his ability to "clearly look at his students" and for his ability to have students walk away "talented and skilled...bearing high confidence and self-esteem," Rod McGarry was awarded the 2009 Harger by the FFF.The Harger Memorial Life Award is given to those who have made a noteworthy contribution to enhance fly fishing through instruction and education. Rod McGarry shares this honor with luminaries like Lefty Kreh, Dave Whitlock, Henry Hoffman, Gordy Hill and most notably (for the lay person) with Robert Redford for his film on fly fishing, A River Runs Through It.

People come to McGarry as curious beginners, as seasoned fly fisherman hoping to bring their craft to a new level, or to be tested and certified to become casting instructors themselves.

   Fly tying starts at 6:30 and the presentation starts about 8:00.
   For directions go to   

Friday, January 28, 2011


A great opportunity for young people to expand their knowledge of fly fishing is on the horizon. The Big Horn River Youth Adventure is currently taking applications for the 2011 program at Fort Smith, MT on the banks of the world famous Big Horn River. Twelve young fly fishers will be invited by the Big Horn River Alliance for a four day fly tying and fly fishing adventure. All meals, lodging, airport shuttles and guides will be provided free of charge. Air transportation to Billings or transportation directly to Fort Smith must be secured by the participant's parents, guardian or fly fishing club. 

Travel assistance grants are available on a limited basis and granted based on financial need. Thru the generosity of donors and supporters we are pleased to be able to help with transportation expenses for some of our attendees. We are sincerely encouraging applications from youngsters who would otherwise be unable to attend our program.  We are also encouraging fly fishing clubs to participate in the travel grant program.

APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS:  Any youth, male or female, ages 14 thru 18. All applicants must 'KIND OF' KNOW HOW TO FLY FISH AND 'KIND OF' KNOW HOW TO TIE FLIES.  We are seeking youngsters who want to experience the joy of a 'big time' fly fishing adventure and are willing to return home to mentor other young people and encourage others to take part in the great activity of fly fishing.
During their stay at Fort Smith, the Bighorn River Alliance will provide at NO COST all of the meals beginning with lunch June 22rd (travel day) thru breakfast June 27th (travel day). Lodging will be provided at NO COST by several of the local lodges (double occupancy) in and around Fort Smith.
Guiding will be provided by licensed, professional guides who have logged thousands of days on the Bighorn.  

Anyone who is interested in attending must fill out an application form.  The form asks for general information including names and addresses of both parents and applicants, questions regarding angler experience, health and diet questions, and more.  There are also three essay questions at the conclusion of the application.  Twelve youths will be asked to attend. Application deadline is March 31, 2011
The dates for the Bighorn Youth Adventure will be June 23 through 26, 2011 with a travel day before and after. All clubs and councils and individuals are more than welcome to encourage applications from young fly fishers.

For more information on applying go to Big Horn River Alliance Website or contact Frank Johnson (307) 672-5164

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Connecticut Fly Fishermens Association

Had a very nice visit with the good people of the CFFA. It was a great time do do a little teaching and tye up some dry flies. Worked on light cahills and blue wing olives. Great class.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowing & Fly Tying

The spring runoff should be great after all this snow. Been filling orders and filling my fly box.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding Jesus At The Fly Fishing Show, Marlborough, MA

It's true. Well, actually I had a chance to chat with Scott Wessels proprietor of the Bear's Den of Taunton, MA. Great store. Great guy. Check out his web store at

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Fly Fishing

Another oldie, but goodie.

Monday, January 17, 2011

CDC Nymph

Just hanging out listening to some tunes (Eddie Vedder) and tying up a bunch of these. Just a standard nymph hook, tungsten bead, CDC, a bit 'o hare's mask and some plumage for a tail. Pretty easy and very effective.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wally Sighting

Can you identify where I saw Wally? Hint: That's his son, a featured tyer, in the background
 at a well-known fly fishing show.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Fly Fishing Show, Marlborough, MA

The Fly Fishing Show comes to Marlborough, MA next weekend. Follow the link for info:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FFF Conclave Fly Tyers Wanted

Have you ever wondered how to become a Conclave demonstration tyer? Do you wonder why you do not receive the invitation to tye at Conclave? The reality is, we are always looking to add to our list of Conclave tyers. Here are a few ways for that to happen. We are currently accepting recommendations from Council Presidents, Council Fly Tying Chairpersons, current and past demonstration tyers, and even a few self-nominations. It would be great for you to contact some of those people to make your talents known. I am looking for individuals who have a proven track record of tying high quality flies, innovation, appearing at shows or teaching others. I would like a chance to see what you have to offer. You may get in touch with me, the Conclave Tying Chair, at

It is not a secret club. In fact we are always seeking new demo tyers. The trouble in finding more tyers lies in the fact that we simply do not know all of the people who possess true talent and innovation in fly tying. If you want to tye, make yourself known!

Invitations will be going out later this month.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smoking & Fishing???

What is the story with pairing fishing and smoking in advertising? I guess fishing makes smoking more healthy. I also say, watch out for bum buggery out on the lash.

Monday, January 3, 2011

100,000 Fish Dead In Arkansas After Thousands Of Birds Drop From Sky

Beebe, Arkansas was the location of an extraordinary sight on New Years Eve as thousands of blackbirds dropped from the sky dead.  Some biologists believe fireworks or the weather may have caused stress-related death for the birds. The number of birds killed was initially reported at 1,000, but has since been updated to 5,000.

125 miles from that strange occurrence 100,000 fish have been found dead in the Arkansas River. The drum fish clogged 20 miles of the river in the northwestern section of the state near Ozark. A tugboat captain first noticed the fish on Thursday and now wildlife officials are trying to ascertain what killed the fish. "The fish kill only affected one species of fish," said Keith Stephens of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. "If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish."

There is no evidence that the fish kill is related to the mass bird death.


Saturday, January 1, 2011