Thursday, January 6, 2011

FFF Conclave Fly Tyers Wanted

Have you ever wondered how to become a Conclave demonstration tyer? Do you wonder why you do not receive the invitation to tye at Conclave? The reality is, we are always looking to add to our list of Conclave tyers. Here are a few ways for that to happen. We are currently accepting recommendations from Council Presidents, Council Fly Tying Chairpersons, current and past demonstration tyers, and even a few self-nominations. It would be great for you to contact some of those people to make your talents known. I am looking for individuals who have a proven track record of tying high quality flies, innovation, appearing at shows or teaching others. I would like a chance to see what you have to offer. You may get in touch with me, the Conclave Tying Chair, at

It is not a secret club. In fact we are always seeking new demo tyers. The trouble in finding more tyers lies in the fact that we simply do not know all of the people who possess true talent and innovation in fly tying. If you want to tye, make yourself known!

Invitations will be going out later this month.

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