Saturday, January 29, 2011

United Fly Tyers Welcomes Rod McGarry As Guest Speaker

3 Feb 2011, Middlessex CommunityCollege, Bedford, MA, 
"Whada Ya Know? 22 Tips, Hints and Shortcuts for Taking More Trout"

Rod McGarry works with folks who want to get going in fly fishing and coaches the experienced fly fisher who wants to get up to a higher level. A teaching pro since 1991, Rod is a FFF Board Certified Master Casting instructor, a registered Professional Maine Guide and works as Staff Instructor for Fly Fishing in the L L Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools Program. Rod is known as a teacher of teachers.

For his ability to "clearly look at his students" and for his ability to have students walk away "talented and skilled...bearing high confidence and self-esteem," Rod McGarry was awarded the 2009 Harger by the FFF.The Harger Memorial Life Award is given to those who have made a noteworthy contribution to enhance fly fishing through instruction and education. Rod McGarry shares this honor with luminaries like Lefty Kreh, Dave Whitlock, Henry Hoffman, Gordy Hill and most notably (for the lay person) with Robert Redford for his film on fly fishing, A River Runs Through It.

People come to McGarry as curious beginners, as seasoned fly fisherman hoping to bring their craft to a new level, or to be tested and certified to become casting instructors themselves.

   Fly tying starts at 6:30 and the presentation starts about 8:00.
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