Friday, May 22, 2009

Morses Pond, Wellesley, MA

Just in from fishing adventures with my friend Kechia. We hit Morses Pond in Wellesley, MA. The pond was on fire and it is loaded with several species of bass. We went out in kayaks. The gate is not open yet for the season, so it is a bit of a walk to the pond from the on-street parking. Check it out for some local piscatorial action.

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cdaddy said...

hey, where's the love? morses's is right behind my office. have kayak, will meet you at lunch. the kids and i have been fishing JP and Leverett Pond right next door with the same effect. there are a lot of stocker troots too, but need a boat. there are also a ton of very large carp although haven't convinved any yet. btw, the folks at Buster have a condom fly of their own going: