Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aziscohos Dam

The Magalloway River at the Aziscohos power generating dam is an amazing place to fish. Jerry and I spent the day there. The first fish were in the 7-12 inch range. Mainly rainbows and a brown. Never hooked up with a salmon. But I have to tell you about one amazing fish I caught. The water was running through the power station at a modest 335, and was was clear in the June sun. I watched a group of 3-4 larger trout cruising a back eddy. They had a fairly predictable pattern of movement which I studied from a higher vantage point for a about 30 minutes. The options were a dry fly or a streamer. I tossed a caddis right to the fish and got no response. I switched to a size 14 Hendrickson dry. After a few casts, boom. I was in a fight. The trout won, breaking off my tippet. Ugh! Plan B was to tye on an olive bead head rabbit strip fly. I dredged that through the pool in a few well-times casts. Boom! In the fight again. I had a huge fish on. After a solid 10 minutes I was able to land one angry 24-inch 'bow. No pictures, but there were witnesses. When I went to remove the hook, I also found my Hendrickson in the corner of his mouth.

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