Friday, July 3, 2009

Ralph Graves' Old Glory Fly Shop Closes

I was chatting with Ralph Graves on the telephone the other day and he told me that he has closed his Old Glory Fly Shop. The shop was located for many years at the Rockland House in Roscoe, NY. He has moved all of the shop contents into his home and is down-sizing a little.

About 8 years ago I took up fly tying. Interestingly, I was passing through Roscoe on my way home to Boston and we stayed the night at the Rockland House while in route. I was outside in the evening having a smoke and Ralph was in his shop watching a Yankees game and tying flies. I went into the shop and met Ralph for the first time. I remember he was tying a parasol emerger, which, I believe, was a fly featured in an edition of Fly Tyer magazine around that time. After talking with Ralph, he gave me one of the flies he had tyed that evening. I am happy to say that I still have that fly in my special collection. A nice memory.

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