Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fish Pimp Brings Out 2010 Product Line

Fish Pimp has unveiled what it calls “highly evolved” fly-fishing accessories, including several products that deliver significant improvements to angling gear. The 2010 Product Line includes several new twists on classic gear. Formally known as Angling Evolutions, the company is rolling out with a new name, new packaging and a slate of new products such as it Shake-N-Float™ fly-drying system and Renew Line Tool™ clip-on line cleaner. The company has also completely re-designed it namesake Fish Pimp® strike indicator to be more aerodynamic and offer a new dead drift configuration option. “Our goal is simply to help people catch more fish,” says Quentin Hoffpauir, Fish Pimp Sales Coordinator. “That means taking a hard look at all of the traditional approaches, then figuring out ways to re-design and re-engineer to make them better.”

That’s what Fish Pimp’s new product line accomplishes, most notably with their three flagship products:

Shake-N-Float™: A revolutionary fly-drying system that keeps drying agent and floatant in a single container, but in separate chambers. With just a couple quick turns anglers can dry flies and apply floatant quickly with no mess and a longer lasting effect. Shake-N-Float is available in either a re-fillable premium version or a single-chamber, single-use disposable option.

Renew Line Tool™: A clip-on line cleaning tool that let’s anglers protect and condition while they reel. It simply clips to the rod, securing the fly line between two cleaning pads that apply Fish Pimp’s fly line cleaner and conditioner as the fly line is reeled in. Comfortably fits any size rod with no risk of leaving as much as a scuff.

Fish Pimp® Strike Indicator: One of the industry’s most popular strike indicators, the Fish Pimp has been completely re-engineered with a dimpled surface to reduce drag in both the forward and back casts, tighter, more secure hold, and a new dead drift option to give anglers three quick-change configuration choices. It is available in three sizes (mini, original and jumbo) and four colors— red, white, yellow and, now, black. The new, patent-pending Fish Pimp design is also 30% lighter than other foam indicators and can be used repeatedly without kinking your leader.

Fish Pimp’s line has a host of other accessories, including floatants such as Perma Fly™ premium dry fly spray and Fly Sauce™ premium dry fly floatant; fly tying cements Head Strong™ and water-based Hard Headed™ as well as Head Strong™ thinner; and refills for their Renew Line Tool and Shake-N-Float products. “No product is ever going to make fishing easy. We just want to make it more fun,” Hoffpauir says.

More information about the full line of Fish Pimp products can be found at (website is under construction right now) or by calling 866.461.2449.

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