Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fly Fishing Camp for Teens

FFF/NEC is one of the sponsors of a new Fly Fishing Camp for Teens scheduled for Vermont in late June. A dozen youths will enjoy 4 days being initiated into the wonderful world of fly fishing for trout at Vermont's oldest sporting lodge. This is a cooperative venture between TU/FFFNEC, and a host of sponsors including Patagonia, and others. It is taking place near 3 ponds that have massive Hex hatches, caddis and stoneflies will be hatching in profusion, on the local streams and the UC (Upper CT river), and the sulphurs should be starting to appear. The program needs flies - Please consider a contribution, and bring them to the board meeting. Questions or have a youth between the ages of 13-15 you'd like to send? contact

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