Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teton Reels Suspends Operation

I just read that Teton has suspended production of its line of fly reels. I have a Teton Tioga and have mixed opinions about the reel. I purchased it because I needed a salt water reel and did not have a lot of cash to spend. The price was good and the reel works fine for what I need it for. Granted I am not hauling in the salt water speedsters that rip line off at breakneck speeds and destroy reels. The tolerances on the reel are not very tight and the reel needs a lot of extra attention to keep it from freezing up. For example, never leave the spool on the frame, it must be cleaned thoroughly (not just rinsed off) every day it is used and it seems to do better with more frequent use of oil. Not a bad reel, but a very modestly priced reel with the usual expected maintenance issues associated with that price range. I'm sure Teton will be purchased; the reels will be re-engineered and the price will go up. Goodbye to another affordable product.

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