Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vladi's Polish Worm

This is one cool fly. I learned about this from Vladi Trezbunia, 1989 Fly Fishing World Champion and current coach for Fly Fishing Team USA. Vladi is quite famous for his flies and his nymphing techniques. The fly has an offset point for better hooking potential. It is heavily weighted and rides point up, thus reducing snags on the bottom. It tends to hook fish in the upper jaw. Because it is made out of latex, it bounces along rocks like a jelly ball and feels natural in the mouth of the fish. Well, I imagine it feels natural to the fish. They never say it does not. It is a killer on trout and many other freshwater species in both still and moving waters. I have made a large supply of these flies and have them available for immediate shipment. Email me at to order.

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