Tuesday, February 3, 2009

March Brown Rods

I like to share some of my latest finds with my readers. So what does she have to say today, you ask? I have discovered March Brown Fly Rods. MB specializes in making travel rods. They make a variety of 7-piece rods that pack to fit into a carry-on when flying. 7-piece rods? Yes, it's true, but the best part is that these rods have superb action and actually cast as well as 2-piece rods. It is true. I kid you not. These rods are very-well engineered and very well made. Great in the wind, effortless casting, nice guides and cork and matte finish. I am partial to the Hidden Waters series. But the real story is found in picking one up and casting it. Try one out. It's very hard to believe that these are 7-piece rods. Incredible.

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