Monday, May 17, 2010

Felt Sole Bans Are Ridiculous

Why is it just utter buffoonery to ban felt soles on wading boots? Well, it's not only the soles of boots that carry invasive organisms from one watershed to the next. Doesn't didymo and other junk get carried on neoprene booties, boot laces, foam padding, webbing and cloth on boots, little cracks and crevices, seams, stitching and every part of the boot? On waders? Flies? Rods and reels? Lines? Nets.

Let's not forget all those animals that tromp in the water and spread yuck. I have said this before and I'll say it again: birds don't wash up when they travel between watersheds.

Get real. Banning boots is not the solution. Try washing. Use a dilute bleach or salt solution. Give your boots a soak and you are set. Do you think the manufacturers are lobbying for the felt ban so that they can sell us new boots? Ah, yes. They are probably drooling to sell you boots.

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