Monday, May 31, 2010

The Nipper Story

As some of you know, I am on a quest to find the perfect nippers. Here I made a chart in which I weigh cost and performance:

  • Drug Store Nail Clippers, cost $.99, sharp, last a season, but awkward to handle, grade B+. As I said awkward, but remain sharp, prone to rust, but can't beat the price. Toss when spent.

  • Generic Fly Shop Nippers, cost $4.99, sharp for a short time, blades often don't line up, handy and slim, eye cleaner, grade B. No muss, no fuss.

  • Fishpond "Aussie Clippers," cost $8.99, sharp for a while, light, nice ergo curvature, plastic covering is nice, better grip-ability, grade B. Expected more blade longevity for the price.

  • Montana Fly Company Nipper & Quick Tie, cost $5.99 , same as fly shop nippers, nice "oil slick" finish, nail knot tool, eye cleaner, grade B.

  • Wright & McGill Power-L Line Nippers, cost $12.99, sharp, a bit large and clunky, eye cleaner, nail knot tool, very comfortable to use, wider gape to accommodate fresh and salt water tippet and mono, grade B.

Maybe I am a tough critic, but are there any awesome nippers out there? Looked into Fishpond "Pitchfork Clippers," but at $22 I passed them over. Same deal for the $17.95 Clip & Knot by Sports Tools. It's hard for me to shell out a fortune for something I can get for a buck. One "Pitchfork Clippers" is about 22 years worth of nippers if I buy one drug store nail clipper each year.

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