Monday, October 11, 2010

Siman Turbo Spinning Block

I am all about making nice-looking flies with less effort and complication. To do this, one technique is to use the dubbing loop. I have been a fan of dubbing loops since I was first introduced to the method several years ago. It is a clever and durable way to dub a fly. It is nice to be able to make my own mixtures of colors and materials. I use a traditional twister with the tying thread right on the fly.

How about dubbing brushes? You see them pre-made and packaged in fly shops, but the price is too high.
Jan Siman from the Czech Republic offers a tool that is a wooden block with a spinning wheel so you can make your own brushes. You can make brushes with almost any dubbing material you might choose like fur, hair, marabou and CDC. Mix colors or textures to create your own blends. Add deer hair clippings, cut up rubber legs, flash, tinsel or whatever you want. Choose wire for the core of stiff brushes and tying thread for the soft ones. So easy a cave dweller can do it.

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