Thursday, October 7, 2010

Valla’s New Book, The Classic Dry Fly Box

Mike Valla’s New Book The Classic Dry Fly Box (Whitefish Press, $29.95) will be released November 6 at The Arts of the Angler Show in Danbury, CT.

The Classic Fly Box is considered as the “companion guide” to his first book Tying Catskill Style-Dry Flies (Headwater/Stackpole Books). The new book includes 100 classic dry flies of the Catskill-Style.

Join Mike as he takes the reader on a tour of the history of the Catskill-style dry fly. From the Abbey to the Yellow Spinner, with 98 other stops in between. Mike explores the popular to the obscure, delving into the history of these marvelous flies, masterfully weaving quotes from Gordon, Cross, the Dettes, Bergman, and other legends with his own personal anecdotes about growing up in the Catskill tying tradition. Fully illustrated with gorgeous color photography and complete with dressing appendix.

Mike will be available at the Arts of the Angler Show, at the Ethan Allen Inn, Danbury CT, on Saturday, November 6, 2010 from noon to 5PM for signing.

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