Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Excellent Adventures In Rangely, Maine

Well, the time has come that I begin my career as a blogger. I have been putting this off for quite some time. Here we go!

During the last week of June I made a great trip up to Western Maine to fish in the Rangely area. This involved exploring the hundreds of miles of logging roads. I spent the week with a friend who has a motor home parked at a campground. This was "camping" in high style, complete with steaks on the grill and a flush toilet! My friends Jerry and Peggy Brenner really know about comfort.

The week featured two trips to Upper Dam. During the first we were in search of Carrie Steven's house and a plaque commemorating her illustrious tying career. We found neither, but I did find the cleanest port'o potty in the world. We watched someone on the Dam catch a land locked salmon. The second trip was for fishing. The fish were not interested in any of the multitude of flies we offered...Czech Nymphs (which I swear by) to Super Secret Salmon Slayers (which Jerry swears by). The wind up there is fierce. Casting is an adventure. The water was racing through the Dam, but I cannot recall the flow rate. When you go to the Upper Dam, make sure you go when the second gate is open (until June 30) as it is a heck of an uphill walk between gates 2 and 3.

We visited several fishing spots, but none were more productive than the Kennebago River under the Route 16 bridge. Right off the road with a minimal walk (as opposed to the skin-slicing bushwhacking we did to reach other less productive spots) is a lovely stretch of river that we hit in the evening. The tan and black Czech Nymph, now known as the Kennebego Czech Nymph was a killer. 8 land lockeds were on tap that day. The largest tail-walker came in at 14 inches, legal to keep, but I let him go. The fish in the river were absolutely beautiful or as we said, "beautimus."

The second trip to the Kennebago (I called it the Mulligatawny River all week) saw a few more salmon and some chubs. Of note, Jerry is the chub champ of the year. I swear that man attracts chubs like I have never seen. Even when there are plenty of wild brookies to catch, he gets chubs.

Speaking of the wild brookies, Jerry dragged up a half dozen up at the Camp Ten bridge on the Magalloway River one day and three came to my fly as well. Another day we were skunked. Those wild brookies were like little jewels to behold and they are so earnest in their fight.

We explored many other fish hide outs along the way and had some great laughs as well. Moose were all over the place and it was very cool to see a hawk swoop in front of us with a snake hanging in its talons.

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