Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainbows On The Swan River

What a day of fishing. Dragged a giant 'bow out of a deep pool. This sounds easy, but it took two hours to find a trout willing to snack on a fly. After trying a Snickwah, which is a foam hopper, a Czech Nymph, a peeping caddis and a yellow sally, I decided to hitch up a giant "super secret salmon slayer." This fly is a big mess of white marabou with a lot of tungsten and lead. My friend Jerry was very hot on this fly when we went up to Maine a few weeks ago. I though I would throw caution to the wind and try it. Dredging that fly through a deep pool quickly yielded a 12 inch rainbow. After inhaling the huge fly he gave a strong fight. He was a beauty, all colors and quite a beast, fat from eating caddis and stoneflies in the river. My nephew, Paul, was there to watch, but sorry folks, the camera was back at the cabin. Oh, and the locals would have my head if I revealed exactly where this pool is on the Swan River. Later it was dirt biking in the Swan Mountains behind the cabin.

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