Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The One That Got Away

Can't stop going to the secret fishing hole on the Swan River. Went out last evening with my sister-in-law, Linda. She fishes with a very old children's-sized rod and spinning reel, but with a fly on the end. I, of course, had my trusty 5-weight. Quickly hitched up another super secret salmon slayer and went for the depths of a nice pool. Bam! The second pass through the pool got me hooked up with an enormous rainbow. It was a valiant fight with the behemoth revealing himself. I am sure this one was about 20 inches long. A big hog. Then in the next instant the tippet broke and my fish went south with my fly. D'oh!

Later I hooked up with another small fish, but he did not stay on the hook. D'oh! More nibbles, but nothing else for the night. D'oh! I'll be back.

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