Friday, September 12, 2008

Simms Wading Staff

Hey there. What is the story on the Simms Wading Staff? I just broke my second one in 5 months. I got it last winter and the first one broke on about the third fishing outing. The bottom two sections fell off. Just gone. I returned it to Simms and they replaced it. Oh and I had to pay the $10 postage to send it back to them. OK, I got the new one and used it apprehensively about 12 times. That one broke this week while I was fishing up in Quebec. The button that holds the staff together when it is opened would not stay engaged and then later the whole thing kind of just caved. Now I get to pay $10 in shipping again so that they can re-replace the faulty staff. Now, check it out, I am of slight build and not the type to go wading out into risky situations. I do still rely on the staff for balance and to check out my footing ahead. I do not whale on my fishing stuff, but these staffs keep failing. Of course I am now using a solid wooden staff made by Mother Nature, and I would never use the Simms product again in situations in which slipping, falling, crashing or drowning may be involved.

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