Sunday, August 24, 2008

Correct Link to Hans Weilennman's Page & Fishing With The Most Basic Equipment

Sorry about the incorrect link to Hans Weilennman's website it has been corrected for those who are interested. Check it out at to find out about the Snikwah.

Have been catching a good number of decent-sized yellow perch, some 3-4 inch baby smallies and rock bass at the dock lately. Even landed a good size lake trout. Still working the local dock with my trusty hand line and a simple fly. All the bait chuckers seem to think I should get a reel, pole and some proper equipment. What do they know. They have massive, I mean massive amounts of tackle, coolers, rods, reels, nets, lawn chairs, umbrellas, etc. It looks like a big box outdoors store exploded all over the dock. You fly folks know what I mean. I have a small waist pack with some flies, a spool of mono/heavy tippet, nippers, hemostat and a couple of split shot. What more could I need to catch fish? Besides I end up with time to catch some fish as I do not have to fumble with so much gear. Nor do I need a Sherpa to carry it all.

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