Sunday, August 17, 2008

Smallmouth Bass On A Dry Fly

I took a break from tying flies last evening and went out to Lake Huron to throw a few dries around. I go out frequently in the evening to work on my casting stroke. The Lake is 30 feet from my front deck. It's a rough way to spend July and August, but hey, why not? Typically there is not much there to catch as it is wide open and fairly shallow, with no cover and a lot of predatory birds. If I were a fish, I certainly would not hang out in such a danger zone. I was pleased to entice this scrappy little Smallmouth Bass with a an orange foam hopper. Actually it was one of my patterns, the Snikwah. The fish was a hair over 8 inches and beautifully green and marked. Not a bad evening of practice.

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