Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's A Pike!

Having a super Labor Day Weekend up in New Hampshire at some friends' house. We have been fishing on the lake...can't tell you the name lest I be disowned by said friends. Caught lots of rock bass, yellow perch, sunnies and even a nice-looking pike. Hooked that bad boy on a size 8, yellow Clouser Minnow. At first I thought I was racked up on the bottom, but then the bottom started to swim strongly. My guess was that it was a fish and not a rock. Very clever deduction, I know. This fish put up a more diligent struggle and seemed to want to stay nearer the bottom as opposed to the rock bass, which seem to give up rather quickly. In any event, I brought the fish in and discovered a 15-inch northern pike at the end of my line. A very nice specimen. Pictures you ask? Of course the camera was up at the house.

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