Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back At The Vise

It is great to be back tying. I missed about 10 days while away at Christmas. Today I am taking time to work on some new dragonfly nymph patterns. The creations will be out soon.

Students often ask what they can do to become good tyers. First, you should try to tye every day. Tying even one fly a day will keep you focused, fresh and keep your hands nimble and learning the moves. Second, when you select patterns to learn, tye at least a dozen. The first ones may be crude, but after 12 you will like the results. Get good at a pattern. Become an expert on that pattern and then expand your repertoire to tying different flies. Third, experiment with different materials in order to get the feel of how the materials behave when tyed on the hook.

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