Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Fly

Enough with all these announcements. Here's a fly for your viewing pleasure.

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Gary said...

I very much enjoyed your site.

I was raised in a rural area of New Brunswick, Canada, and my grandfather, who lived in a tiny community along the world-famous Miramichi River, guided salmon fishermen from away, during the season.

He made a decent living from guiding and tying flies. As a youth, I used to sit in awe watching him at work. Then, one magical day, he asked me if I wanted to learn how to tie a fly.

When I left to go home, he gave me a bag of fly tying material, a vise of my own, and some hooks.

I remember, with fondness, the first time I caught a trout with my own hand-made fly.

I treasured my fly tying equipment as the years passed, and long after my grandfather took his rod and reel and went to a better place where the fish were plentiful and the sun never set.

Thank you for opening the memories.

I invite you to visit my site at

Have a healthy and prosperous 2009.